Monday, May 22, 2017


Frustration and fun all rolled into one! I shared a bit about my struggle coming up with a quilt design for the 2017 Pantone Quilt Challenge in my last post, but perseverance won out and I'm really pleased to present the result, EverGreenery!

I knew from the moment Pantone announced Greenery as the Color of the Year, I'd be incorporating it into my work. From early on, Kona Parrot was deemed a close match to the official Greenery swatch card, thus the start of my fabric pull. I used a mix of solids and prints on a low-volume background.

Improv spikes played a key role, and I filled in around them with improv hourglasses, diamonds, and stripes, basically made to order as I pieced the spike slabs together. Snuck in was a lone spike of Pink Flamingo, as well as spikes made from a discarded crazy-pieced block from another project.

Quilting was also improvisational with my walking foot, the majority done using Aurifil 50wt 2021 [Natural White], with a touch of both 1114 [Grass Green] and 2435 [Peachy Pink] for good measure. Admittedly some of the quilting designs might have been easier (less turning and rotating) done free-motion, but that wasn't the space I was in. On a project of this size (35" x 36"), it worked.

Kona Parrot was also used for the chunky binding (5/8" finished), and I like how it kind of keeps all that craziness under control.

So there you go! Dare I say, I'm delighted with the finish, so much so that I switched out the display rod in our dining room and hung it there. You know, so I can enjoy it to my heart's content.

Linking up "EverGreenery" (35" x 36")!

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